Monday, April 9, 2012

The United States of America vs My Spouse

The idiotic forest service sent the court date for *MY*  Lena Lake parking ticket to my husband and they spelled his last name wrong.   The ranger did not see my LIFETIME INTERAGENCY ACCESS PASSS on the dash so he put a ticket on my Jeep for not having a NWforest pass.   Since my spouse's name is the first name the on Jeep registration I guess that means the ticket is now his.

Do I write the preliminary motion to dismiss in my name or in his misspelled name??
I guess I will have him write it in his misspelled name.  It should be easy to fight considering the fact that he did not even park there.

Me and my spouse sure are going to have a fun conversation when he gets home tonight.  I really wish they had written the ticket in my name this is going to totally freak out my spouse.

I may just have to pay the ticket even though I have a pass since it would cost my spouse a day of work and make him sick to go to court. So a big FU to the Ranger for not seeing my pass and then sending a ticket to my terminally ill husband. Thanks a lot!  I guess it was raining too hard for him/her to actually get out of their truck and look for my pass before they printed the ticket.

Screw it, I'm just going to pay the undeserved ticket.  $55 is not worth the stress.   BTW for just $10.00 my spouse could also have a lifetime interagency pass.

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