Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bald Eagle attacks goose on North Fork Skokomish

I went about 4 miles down the trail and then turned around due to snow. It was slippery snow that was not fun to walk on and I had a heavy pack today.

When I was hiking back to my car I found out that there was an off leash dog on the trail. The dog rushed to sniff my crotch and I accidentally stepped on its toes as I was not expecting to be rushed. I politely mentioned that dogs are not allowed on the trail. The group with the dog claimed that the ranger saw them and did not say anything. Well I'm guessing that they were not on the trail when the ranger saw them. They continued hiking. I smelled something that reminded me of skunk cabbage after they left.

On my drive out I saw something big and brown thrashing in the river. I stopped to see what it was and to take pictures of what ever it was. It turned out to be a bald eagle sitting on a goose, the goose had a mate that was honking at the eagle. The eagle saw me and flew away and the goose maybe got to live for another day. I had no idea that a bald eagle would attack anything as big and mean as a goose.

7.5 miles 750 feet elevation gain

Eagle on goose

Goose escapes as eagle flies away

Fairy lichen

Lobaria oregana lichen (Only seems to live in old growth forests)

Lunch spot

Peltigera lichen

Rhizomnium moss

Rhytidiopsis Robusta

a route log not a track log

Snakeskin liverwort


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