Thursday, April 19, 2012

Update on my Forest Service Ticket

I see that the Forest Service in Quicene visits this blog, so the forest service should know what they did to me!

The time before last when I hiked Lena, Ranger Sommers or Summers wrote a ticket and put it on my Jeep for "no proof of northwest forest pass".  My LIFETIME INTERAGENCY PASS was clearly displayed on my dash.  So my intention was to appeal.  But no dice, the court date and the ticket were sent to my terminally ill spouse who is on oxygen.  I guess this is because his name is on the vehicle registration.  Well obviously my spouse is in no condition to miss a day of work and go to Tacoma to fight my undeserved parking ticket.   So I had to pay the damn $55.00 fine in spite of having a LIFETIME INTERAGENCY PASS.

Thanks a lot blind forest ranger.  Next time look for the LIFETIME INTERAGENCY PASS.  It's blue and it's shaped like a credit card and your lovely (I mean it, he is a nice man) volunteer at Hoodsport does not have any hang tags nor has he ever heard of a hang tag for that pass.

Also a court has just ruled that the NW forest pass is not authorized.

 I should have gotten a reward for hiking up to Lena in the pouring rain on a Monday in April, not a ticket.

There were some suspicious looking folks at the lake who were very evasive and had no car at the trail head.  What ever they were doing, they got away with it.

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