Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Fire Photos, Trinity Lake and Highway 299

Some fire photos for Greg..

The fire came down to the road in one spot but I was too scared of all the hot falling rocks to take any pictures.

BTW Staircase is now open. I'm going to go camping there with my family and do some day hikes. I hope to go up the Copper Creek Trail and then out to Big Log on the Skok trail. I know I'm not in shape for the Wagon Wheel Lake trail. I'm 30 pounds overweight

I will day hike tomorrow but if I'm still in this state of mind tomorrow I will have to ask my husband to drive me to the trail head and then pick me up later, I'm not fit to drive today. But maybe I will be calmer tomorrow.

Along Highway 299

Along Highway 299

Along Highway 299

We did not know that mountain was there until it started to eat the sun. Yes that is the sun! We could not see the mountain for the smoke

Trinity Lake is surreal even without the smoke.. this was one of my strangest camping experiences.

Stump on the martian shore of Trinity Lake

A taprooted stump, perhaps cedar..

The sun in the smoke. The moon was almost completely blocked out by the smoke and the sun looked like the moon.

Oyster Plant in Yreka.

A flower in the Redwoods

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Gregg P said...

Thank you for posting those photos for me! All of your photos are very solid! I do miss Southern Oregon this time of year and I miss the times in the field fighting fire and other duties rather than being an administrator!