Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I finished up the year at college but still have some work to do to get my credits. My mental health started to deteriorate near the end of winter quarter and I was lucky to get through spring quarter. I don't know if I will go back in the fall but if I do I will be a senior. Hopefully my head will clear this summer.

I did a short hike in the redwoods last week (my husband had to do all the driving) and a couple of really short hikes in Yreka. No hiking other then that. I hope to get out hiking soon, hiking is my therapy and it keeps me well but right now I feel too ill to hike. I had so been looking forward to hiking in the redwoods but I was out of my head during the hike so I don't really know if I got anything out it.

We will not be driving to New York this summer. The trip to the redwoods with the kids fighting in the back seat was stressful enough. Driving to New York would be torture and I'm not up for it. We had wanted to go to Frisco but called that off. Well I did not want to go to Frantic Frisco but my SO did.

My ex husband stalks me and my daughter, somehow he found this blog. He pretends to be friendly but often works to destroy me in the background. I really wish he had not found my blog, I don't feel safe posting here anymore. I'll try to get over it though.


A Wild Celtic Rose said...

You still have your other blog that you have visible to only other people correct?

Or did you lock this one and he's getting information from others?

Having had a stalker ex husband myself, I understand your concern.

Gregg P said...

I hope that you can get these issues on a more positive note soon. I really enjoy reading your posts about places and events that you experience. You have a very positive way of expressing yourself and I miss reading your posts.

Do what you have to and come back soon!