Tuesday, April 10, 2018

More Wynoochee wandering

Tetraplodon mnoides moss.  It only grows on dung and bones.

Back to Wynoochee for another hike before the gates open and give and take away hiking opportunities.  My poor little car could not make it to the wild life gate thanks to a stupid water bar.

  Water bars protect roads while making them impassible for anyone who does not have a truck or a Jeep.    I had to add almost two miles to my hike thanks to just one water bar.  The road was okay for my car before and after the water bar.

The plan was to carpool to this site with Phil.  But he was running two hours late and I did not care to wait around any longer so I told him to meet me at the gate.

Phil missed his turn and parked at a different gate and met me at the lunch destination.   After lunch we both hiked back out our separate ways.

There was less snow this time and I did not use my snowshoes at all on the way down.

I’m still need a pickup truck, but my family has just taken a hard hit to our monthly income. I don’t know if I want to pay for tabs and insurance on another vehicle with my monthly income being so low.  

I’ve found a great printer and am offer very high quality prints of all the photos on my blog for reasonable prices.  I don’t have any good photos from this hike though.

Next week I will hike behind another gate.

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Why does water always come in waves in these culverts?

Pretty road hike

Waterbar that forced me to park

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