Saturday, March 18, 2017

Lake Slimy Egg

Back to my favorite nearly private lake.  I've been trying to walk 10K a day everyday.  I don't know if that is a realistic goal, but so far so good.  Last year I lost ten pounds while training for Mount Adams, this year I gained 7 of those pounds back and to my horror they landed on my belly.

Turns out it's a change of life thing.  Anyway I have a new goal to lose ten pound this year as well.  I want to get this done by my 50th birthday.  Luckily that means I only have to lose one pound a week.

Walking on a level surface burns 100 calories per hour.  Walking ten K or 6.3 miles per day burns 600 calories.  I think the scale is starting to move, but not sure.

The road to this hike is in terrible shape due to logging.  Logging really tears up dirt roads.  I took a different road out.  The drive out was longer, but it was probabably faster and for sure easier on my car.

I spend about two hours at the Lake with Sage, just relaxing and taking pictures and checking facebook from time to time.  I cuaght two pokemon on this hike, that was all that spawned.

8.5 miles 300 feet elevation gain on the winter route.

My walk in Olympia

Toxic Goose Lake in Shelton, don't go there!

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