Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Westport and McCleary

Made two geocaching trips to McCleary and will make one more.  I think I uploaded a video of one of them.  I like this geocaching area, it's on Greed Diamond land, but it is still pretty and quiet.  A permit is required to hike on more and more Greed Diamond land every year, I won't pay it and I think they should lose their special tax status when they charge for recreational permits.

Here is my video, warning, I seem to be going through the change and it's making me very moody.

I picked a beautiful day at Westport, did 6 miles round trip on the public paved path at the state park.  Did some walking on the Beach too.  I like to catch Pokemon in Westport as they have a lot of ground, electric and fire type pokemon there.  Here at home we mostly have grass types.

I've been hiking in places with cell reception so I can get walking credit in Pokemon go, but also becasue the snow level is low this year and I don't have a Jeep anymore.

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