Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Very scary incident with this crazy dog today

Very scary incident with this crazy dog today. 7 miles into 9 mile hike she decided to chase something into the woods and falls into the swamp. I hear her whine for me and wait for her to come out, I hear lots of splashing. Not good for her to get wet in this weather. I realize she is stuck, she starts yelping and panicking. Oh no, did she hurt herself like Patches? That horrible accident with Patches flashes in front of me. She looks and sounds like she is about to drown, she can barely keep her head above water. Is she caught in a hunter's trap under the water? 

I rush to the swamp, mindful to try to stay dry in this cold weather and I pull her out and find that she can't walk. Clearly her front leg is broken and we are miles from the car. She is way too heavy for me to carry to the car. She cannot walk at all, she keeps falling down onto her front leg with her front leg collapsing under her. I carry her to the road to get a better look at her. 

I take off her top coat to see if it is binding her up somehow, but it is not. Then I see that her back leg is all tangled up in her undersweater. I remove her clothes and she wags her tail and runs off ready to hike again.. whew.. She is however covered in swamp mud and soaking wet. 

Time to get to the car fast to warm her up. If she had been alone in the woods in that outfit she might very well have drown. It's really kind of dangerous for dogs to wear clothes when hiking.

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