Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Up Horse Hill in the Swamp


First hike of the new year.  Snow is low so I decided to skip the National Forest and the National Park and stick to the swamplands again.  I like the swamp area because you don't need a parking pass and there are no Rangers.  It almost feels like being free to just be a human on the face of the earth.

The temperature was below freezing all day, but as long as the wind did not blow I was warm.  It was cold enough that I could sit in the snow for a minute or so without gettting wet.  Cold and dry is nicer than just above freezing and wet.

We hiked just over 9 miles.

I missed a turn and decided to march righ tup a clear cut rather than go back and find the road.  I knew that the snow on the road would be very deep.  It might have been harder to slog up hill in the snow than to walk on a fairly bare clear cut.

Walking  up the clear cut was  a lot of work though and near the top the snow was quite deep.  I almost needed snowshoes.  Once up top it was bitter cold.  I began to lose feeling in my left hand and it frightened me.  I got out one of my really hot instant hand warmers and I felt better right away.

This handwarmer only stays hot for a few mintues, but it gets really hot really fast.  That was just what I neeed.  I felt better right away and my fears susided.  I opted not to have lunch up on the top of the hill after working so hard to get up there.  It was just too cold in the wind.  The view was not that great anyway.  Lower hills nearby have better views.

On the way back we stopped at Hoodsport trail and Potlatch to play Pokemon Go.  Hoodsport trail is a horsea nest, Potlatch state park is a charmander next.  I really hope that Potlatch state parks stays in the State's hands and does not get give to the tribe.  I won't be able to go anymore if the tribe takes it over.  I have  a pass that gets me into state parks, but tribal parks, at least the other one in the area that the tribe took over, cost $8.00 for day use.  I'm not going to pay $8.00 just to pull over and catch a few Pokemon.

Rabbit tracks

Climacium dendroides

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