Saturday, November 12, 2016

Lower Ellinor

Even on a weekday there is no escaping people, even on the once virtually unknown connector trail.  We managed to get in a nice hike in spite of running into several nice people, one weirdo and a mountain biker. Are mountain bikes allowed on the Lower Ellinor trail?

I did not find any mushrooms, I don't know where they are this year, perhaps lower down.  We started our hike at about 9:45 after stopping at Hoodsport Trail to catch Kabuto.  We finished up around 3:30 and stopped again to catch Kabuto on the way home.

The days are getting shorter now, daylight wasting time is in full force.

7 miles with 2,300 elevation gain

Something is wrong with Sage, she has trouble getting up when she has been laying down.  She goes back to the vet on Monday.

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