Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Twin Harbors to Westport plus Pokemon

It's still hot, so we opted for another ocean beach hike.  This hike was even more fun than the last one.  We started at Twin Harbors State Park and walked into the town of Westport.   The plan was to have a packed lunch and an ice cream in Westport.  Instead we had hot coffee and hot chocolate because it was not at all hot.  The weather was perfect really.

We found a lot of great Pokemon in Westport and we walked 3.5 miles just hunting Pokemon!  I also left 4 Pokemon behind in gyms in Westport.

My hunt for a new Springer Spaniel is not going well.  All the flakes and nut jobs on Craigslist are really bringing us down.  We have been aproved to adopt through English Springer Spaniel Rescue of America, but all of their dogs are in Texas.

13 miles with 20 feet elevation gain.

Entire Hike

Pokemon hunting


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