Thursday, August 4, 2016

Ocean Beach Walk

With smoke in the Olympics and oppressive heat, hiking at the ocean beach seemed best.  We hiked from Twin Harbors State Park to Grayland State Park.  This was fun and we will do something like this again.  The air was nice and clean.  We got very sunburned.

Even if Patches was still alive we could not have taken her.  She always drank saltwater at the beach.  She would have one drink and then stop due to the taste, but then she would have another drink seemingly forgetting that it was salt water.  Then she would throw up.  Such a silly dog.

We had lunch at the picnic table near the restroom at Grayland Beach State Park and people were staring at us.  Due to our backpacks I guess?

We caught a bunch of new Pokemon in Aberdeen.  Electric types were found at the substation near Safeway.  We also caught Jynx and Scyther in the downtown area.  We found a wild Exeggcute at Grayland Beach State Park.  We also found a Riachu there, it ran from me after taking 19 of my ultraballs and just as many great balls.  This game is too buggy to be a lot of fun a the moment.

11.5 miles round trip with no elevation gain.

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