Friday, November 13, 2015

My new backpack is ready for the trail

You can just barely see the ice axe loop at the bottom. I also
added a velcro loop to hold my trekking poles.
I finished up my new daypack last night.  Now I have to wait for the storms to pass before I can test it on the trail.  This pack has a nice tall left outside pocket to hold a water bottle firmly. and the right pocket is high enough to completely swallow my GPS.  I also sewed in a extra pocket inside of the left pocket to hold my pstyle.  I was hoping to be able to access it with my pack on but the pocket is just a bit to tall for that.

This pack cost me about $8.00 to make as the only materials I bought for it were elastic, thread and sewing machine needles.  I still have lots of elastic and thread and two needles left that did not get used.

I don't think I have enough material to make a third pack from my old tent rain fly, so I may have to buy fabric the next time I make a new pack.

I'm sure the first few trails tests will show any seams that were not formed properly.  I found the first bad seam before it even left the house and it is fixed now.

I have not weighed my new pack yet.  I'm guessing it weighs about 10.8 ounces.

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