Friday, November 6, 2015

Fir Lake a Manic Soaker

I hit the trail head at about 9:30 and I finished my hike at about 2:30.  I hiked without an ankle brace for the first time in about 4 years, but I did wear high top boots.  I suffered one slight tweak to my ankle, but it is fine now.  I'm hoping that my ankle will get stronger without a brace.

We got soaked on this hike.  I did not expect so much rain and did not pack Patches rain coat and my boots seem to leak now.  I've decided to go ahead and spend some of my inheritance on some nice stuff, while putting most of it in savings.  So tonight I bought new rain coats for both of us, a Cuban fiber tarp to sit under at lunch time and new waterproof boots for me. 

 Also, I plan to go hiking every Tuesday and Friday.  If I hike twice a week I will lose weight.  I was not put on this planet just to take care of my ill spouse who now has caregivers.  I have got to start taking care of myself!  I gained 5 pounds this summer and I now feel that I am 25 pounds overweight.

This morning I told my spouse that I was taking Patches for  a walk and that made him happy.  I did not tell him that it was going to be a ten mile walk in the Olympics. :)  

The rain never stopped, it only lightened up a bit from time to time.  I got my camera lens wetter than I should of, but I think it survived.  The lake was nice and the water was a bit high.  I made a video where I mostly complain about the decommissioned road.  I'll have to upload it after I go to bed as my upload speed is terrible.

Patches got really cold at the lake and I felt bad for her.  I threw lots of sticks and rocks to keep her running around.  On the hike back she shivered every time we stopped.  I was shocked to run into 4 people hiking up the road.  I don't normally see people here on a wet November weekday.

I had  strong cup of hot coffee and a hot lunch that I shared with patches.  That strong coffee propelled me all the way back to my car.

I'm not missing my Jeep yet, maybe  I will miss it if it snows.  I sure don't miss all the repair bills that came with my gas hog Jeep.  If I end up having to spend down so my spouse can keep his health care I will get my self a 2 door RAV 4 with a manual transmission.  They get great mileage and can go all the places that my stupid expensive Jeep went.

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