Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Siltcoos Lake Trail

This trail is just south of Dunes City Oregon.  It is a loop trail and according to the sign it is a 4 mile trek.  My GPS track log put it at 3.8 miles.  I hiked this trail twice last week.

The first time it was later in the day and I did not have my headlamp with me.  I was not sure if I wanted to do the entire trail, but I did and I made it out with plenty of daylight left.  I found a few geocaches and there were a couple of caches that I could not find.  I decided to do the trail again when I was not in such a rush.

Three days later I hiked the trail a second time and I found one of the two geocaches that I did not find in the first trip.  I gave myself plenty of time so I walked slowly taking pictures and hunting mushrooms.

The trail head is right on highway 101 and the trail heads straight to some campsites on Siltcoos Lake.  The campsites have picnic tables, fire pits and pit toilets. Hiking in to camp here would save on campground fees but I might be leery about leaving my car overnight at a trail head that is so close to a major highway.

This is a fun and popular little trail, a good leg stretcher when you're not feeling too ambitious.

Total for two hikes was about 7.5 miles including a side trip to an old look out site.

Nice second growth spruce

At the old look out site not on the trail
Stumps are everywhere to remind you of how majestic
the forest here once was

The trail head sign claims that you can hardly tell this forest was logged

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A geocache

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