Monday, June 8, 2015

Update on my homemade pack

Version 1.0
Verson 1.1

Almost done
Version 1.5 the most current version

Bottom green panel that holds my sit pad is new today, made from an old tshirt

I've been using my home made day pack for slightly more than a year now and it is still going strong. I have replaced every external pocket except for one. I just replaced the lower pocket that holds my sit pad. All the replacement pockets are strong and holding well. The first set of pockets were just a poor design.   I have also torn the main seams apart and redone them twice.  Now the pack is sturdy and does not need repairs.

 I guess I have taken this pack on about 70 day hikes at this point.

 This pack was made from 95% recycled material. The green fabric is an old tent, the bright green is an old shirt, the black pocket is a bag I bought at Nifty Thrifty. Most of the webbing is recycles from old projects. The only new materials I bought for this were the thread, the elastic and the green bungie cord on the back.

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