Sunday, June 7, 2015

Upper South Fork Skokomish

Slime mold

The wildlife gates are open and I finally was able to escape from my house.  I'm getting stir crazy.   I did not tell my spouse I was going hiking, I could not bear to listen to him whine about it.  He found out I was going hiking when I sent him a message from the trail head.

I did not want to be too tired today so I did not hike too far.  Also it was very hot so I picked a river trail where Patches and I could cool off in the river.

The river is very low.  Two miles before the headwaters the river dries up and goes into the ground for 1/4 of a mile before it reemerges where a tributary joins it.  I predict that the Skokomish river will dry up completely before the summer is over.

9 miles 950 feet elevation gain

June 14th 2012

June 6th 2015

Ripe blueberries already

June 6th 2015

June 14th 2012

June 6th 2015 River goes dry 2 trail miles before the headwaters

Mycena mushrooms

Middle of the river where it starts up again

How will Patches stay cool this summer?

Plagiochila porelloides liverwort needs moisture, will it survive?

I think these salamander eggs are doomed, this puddle in a peat bog is going to dry up.

The moonscaping of South Mountain continues

Vanilla leaf

June 14th 2012

June 6th 2015 near the same spot

Slime mold

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