Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Snow Lake

Up to the sekrit not so sekrit lake.  The causeway is open, the culverts are repaired, the wild life gate is open.  I drove right to the trail head for the first time ever.  I saw a logging truck on the road next to Lake Cushman.

steep trail

steep trail
 The trial is steeper on the way down than it is on the way up if you have older knees.  It took us one hour and sixteen minutes to pick our way down.

Fishermen left garbage up there.  Why do fishermen litter so much?

Garbage left by fishermen

We found so many blueberries, it was blueberry heaven.  I wished I had brought a bucket.

Blueberry heaven

Patches had a good swim in the lake.

It's nice to be back in the Olympics where there is water everywhere and the plants grow and cover everything.

1.6 miles with 1,300 feet elevation gain

rough skinned newt

Sphagnum squarossum with spore capsules

yep, it's steep

Reshi conk
(I only pick Reshi conks since they die at the end of the year)

Big cedar

Mama and baby grouse through my windshield, there
where three more babies on the other side of the road

Good sized tree, but they do get bigger here when
Simpson does not get to them

Lobaria linita

Marchantia polymorpha

Big Reshi

Whooly Chanterelle button

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