Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Base pack weight for my next hike

I took everything out of my pack and weighed it on my digital scale and then added it all up to get my base pack weight.  I think I can be proud of getting my base pack weight down to15.5 pounds including a DSLR Camera and a 3 person tarp tent.

I think the most I will ever carry including food, fuel, pack and base weight will be 33 pounds and that will be on the first day of the hike.  The hike starts with a 27 mile waterless section.  I will need to carry one gallon of water for that.  One gallon of water weighs 8 pounds.  I will try to set out two water caches for us so we can get by with 1/2 gallon of water.  The the most my pack will ever weigh will still be on the first day and it will be 29 pounds.

We will start out with six days worth of food, that will be ten pounds each.  I don't know if it will be enough.  If it is not enough we will just have to hike faster because we can't carry anymore food than that.

I will carry a 3 person tarp tent because that is what I have.  My heaviest item will be the clothes in my pack and that surprised me a bit.  We will both carry full rain gear.  I don't want to ever be in a position where we have to either hike or get hypothermia.  I'm hiking with a child, I want us to be able to bunker down and withstand the rain and cold if we need to.  My three person tarp tent will help with that.

Clothes, not always worn, rain gear, base layer etc.. 64
Shires Original Rainshadow tarp tent with 6 stakes 43
REI Magma 7 degree 800 fill down Sleeping Bag in sack 41
Camera Nikon D40 w 18-100 lens, case, wp bag, extra bat, lens cloth, 3 sd cards 32
Ti pot, Ti cup, cat stove, 2 lighters, hot lips, screan stand, bag 13
First aid, meds, toiletries, tooth brush.. Etc 10
Delorme 7
GPS with batteries in 7
UR old skool bear sack 6
Headlamp and 3 extra li aaa battery 5.1
sawer filter, 1 liter bag, small towel 5
Sunglasses, Deet, Sun screan carried in hip belt pocket 3
P-Style with homemade pee rag/bag/emergency pad and biner 2.2
3 liter playpus w 2 caps 2
2 1 liter gatoraide bottles 2
TP in bag 2
Plastic ground cloth 0.7
Empty plastic bottle for fuel 0.5
note pad and pen 0.5
spoon long handle ti with biner 0.5
3 feet of paracord 0.3
Total in pounds 15.425

Clothes in my pack, 2 pair socks, rain coat, rain pants, 1 pair gloves, sun hat, insulating hat, shorts, fleece top,  and a base layer top and a baselayer bottom.  I intend to sleep in my base layer and only hike in it if it's really cold.

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