Sunday, July 13, 2014

New PCT plan

This is my current plant for our Oregon PCT though hike.  I've decided to lower our stress level by staring at Crater lake.  This gives us extra time to get into shape and helps us to avoid the long waterless stretches at the start of Oregon.

1 start with six days food at Crater Lake

Mail  6 days food to Shelter Cover to get us to sisters  ETA 8-11-14
Please send your box via UPS to Shelter Cove Resort at 27600 W. Odell Lake Rd. Hwy 58 Crescent OR 97733. Please put your name and ETA on all sides of your box. Have a great hike and hope to see you soon!

1989.5  Mackenzie or 2007 Santiam
Sisters to Olallie lake meal at BLYC (2001.3)  4.9 days


Buy / Mail 5-6 days food in Sisters or Bend to get us to Olallie
2053 Olallie to Timberline 4 days

Buy 4 days food at Olallie pack in as much as possible from sisters
2107.3Timberline to Cascade locks (two days food is waiting for us there!)

Mail  4 days food to Timberline eat buffet  8-28-14
USPS only:  C/o Timberline ski area, Wy’East Store, Timberline, OR 97028
2155 Cascade locks


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