Sunday, March 23, 2014

Urban "hiking" in Seattle

Thanks to Mason Transit and the Ferry System I can take my daughter to Seattle for just $12.00 round trip.  I wish I had learned that Mason Transit goes to the Bremerton Ferry terminal years ago.  With this new knowledge getting to Seattle is easy!

feeding seagulls on the ferry

My grandparents met on the Carlise II
 For this trip  to Seattle money was tight so we did not do anything special in Seattle, we just walked around.

 We started at the ferry terminal and made a long ascending traverse up to Broadway via the switchbacks down town.  Once we hit the Summit ave we went one more block to Belmont ave and looked at my old apartment building.  Then we headed up to Broadway where we slogged to the far end and turned around at Roy street.

One of the three Seattle apartments I lived in

My first alma mater where I got my GED and my A.A. degree

 After that we made the fairly straight forward traverse from Capitol Hill to First Hill via Broadway.

Once we were on First Hill it was time for what we though would be the crux of our hike, the scary down climb!  We down climbed Yesler ave via Yesler Terrace and we ended up in China town.

 In China town we had lunch and walked in circles for a while.

 Then we made a hair raising slog through Pioneer square.. sheesh.. that place has not changed at all!  Don't use the out house there! You have been warned.  Pioneer Square was the crux of the hike for sure.

Then after that horror show it was back down to the ferry terminal to wait for our boat to take us back.  We got home at 8:10  pm.

 It's a really long day and we were exhausted.  Plus our lungs were full of exhaust smoke. 

Still, it's fun to visit my old stomping grounds once in a while.

When I lived in Seattle I walked and skateboarded all over the place nearly every day.  I know Seattle better than I know the town I'm living in now.

6 miles round trip with 200 feet elevation gain.

Marchantia polymorpha liverwort at Swedish Hospital

Sea Lions and Comorants

Me 25 years ago

Acrobatic Seagull
Hitch hiking to Portland on  I-5
I just knew their sign would say "Portland" even
before I zoomed in on it.  The hiker on the left looks familiar

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