Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Dosewallips, no snow

We were short on time so we only went as far as horse camp on the Dosewallips River road.  We saw no snow, what a change from last time!  Four cars were at the trail head, it must be time for me to switch to my summer routes for solitude.

This was the first voyage with my new daypack.  The design is solid, the mesh is not.  I will have to replace the mesh at some point, but I'm not sure how to make that pretty on a pack that is already sewn.    I could rip all the main seams on the pack and sew them all back together again as there is still room to take the seams in a bit.    But if I'm going to do that, it might be just as easy to make a whole new pack.

I might cannibalize the mesh and some of the dyneema from my old daypack.

9.5 miles round trip
800 Feet elevation gain
1,200 calories

First trip with my home made pack
Now with beefy elastic at the tops of the pockets

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