Friday, February 1, 2013

Big Creek

Started and finished on the sekrit trail because I was hiking with someone else and I did not want to hear too much whining. That saved 2 miles round trip and an hour of whining.

The Mount Rose trail crew cleared up the big mess near the clear cut forest.. Thanks!!! up.gif You guys rock!

Snow on the ground started on the uphill road section near the river. Snow on the connection trail was slushy and nasty with many unexpected post holes. The bench at the overlook was snow free. There was no view.. frown.gif

The big bridge before the connection trail is now snow free.

There are a few small blowdowns on the connection trail. The intermittent creek with a bridge is still dry. It's been dry for years now. I think the creek changed course. From the overlook to the lower trailhead the trail has many blow downs, some of them rather large.

Someone cut down an old growth tree near the lower trailhead. I can't figure out why that was done. Snow on the road was soft and there was much post holing down to the old logging road. The old logging road is really overgrown and my friend whined a lot on that section. They were not sure why I took them on that crazy loop.

Did the Mount Rose trail crew open up the parking area at Big Creek too? It was nice to be able to park next to the gate.

There is still no TP in the outhouse at Big Creek camp and the one the right always says it's occupied. I think it's been that way for three years now. I see they are about to do lots of logging in the Big Creek campground so they can build more campsites. Including a host site right at the entrance.

We saw one other group of hikers. They warned us about the monster Kokonee killer in the lake, but we shrugged it off.  We did see something shimmering in the lake on the way down though.

We stopped in Hoodsport and bought 2 pounds of roast beef and some chicken strips from the IGA deli guy.

6.5 miles 1,900 feet elevation gain

Start of Connection trail

Why was this healthy tree cut down?

Lunch time view

Mycena mushroom with Kindbergia oregana moss

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