Saturday, February 23, 2013

Notch Pass Revisited

Rhytidiopsis robusta moss is found above
2,000 feet in the Olympics
  Today was more of a social hike.  I ate lunch in a hailstorm at the pass.  It felt strange to go on such a short hike after my last two hikes.  I'm still a bit sore from my Wynochee hike.

I was glad to be in my jeep this time.  The road to the trailhead is pretty bad.  There was one other car at the trail head.  There is only room for two cars there, so I got the last spot. 
I never saw the hikers that belonged to the other car.

As I was driving out 4 cars passed us going towards the trailhead.  If they were headed for the trail head they were going to have a problem, the parking space is just not there.  Also the tiny parking space is the turn around space.  I would not recommend driving off the road to turn around as the ground is very soft and one could easily get their vehicle stuck in the mud.

Hikers could leave a car or three and the "Y" and then carpool one mile to the trail head from there.

4 miles with 1,800 feet elevation gain.

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