Monday, January 7, 2013

Dry Creek Slog in the Snow

Dendroalasia abietina moss
Such an inviting trail
Mount Rose

I had a hard time dragging myself out of the house for this hike. I’ve been ill for weeks and the weather was cold.   I'm still on anti-biotics for a sinus infection.  Dry Creek is not my favorite trail, but it is one of the few trails that I can walk my dog on and has a plowed road leading to it. Right now there is pretty much no access to trails in the Olympic National Forest unless they are on plowed roads. There is too much snow out there for anything but a monster truck or a snowplow to get through.

I started my hike at 11 and finished at 5:30. I hiked in the dark for about ½ hour. Sunset was at 4:30. I did not make my goal of the river. I lost the trail and was too tired to bother looking for it, so I just sat down and had lunch in an alder grove. I did not enjoy this hike, but still I’m glad I got out and did it and I’m looking forward to my next hike now.  Mild digestive issues and general malaise kept my mood low today.

I found a hatchet and a half used can of bear spray on the trail.

  Below is a video section of my hike from start to finish.  8 miles with 900 feet elevation gain

**** ****

No Parking

Lake Cushman in the blue light

Old growth stumps line this trail



snowy 119
This is new
Now that's a dry dock
trail marker
snowy staircase
More trees down
mystery saprotrophic fungi
about to put these on
Turn off for Mount Ellinor