Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Algea in lichens

My microscope, click for details
I spent the better part of the day dissecting lichens and looking at their algea.  Here are a few pictures from today:

Algea from Cladonia sp x2000

Algea from Lobaria pulmonaria probably Trebouxia sp
Filimentous green algea from my fish tank
cross section of Evernia prunastri shows algal layer probably Trebouxia sp
Algea from Evernia prunastri probably Trebouxia sp
Hyphea from Evernia prunastri with algea probably Trebouxia sp
bumps on hyphea could be part of haustoria

Cross section of Lobaria pulmonaria
ascospores in ascus from crustose lichen probably Ochrolechia sp
algea from same crustose lichen
Bumpy hyphea on Evernia prunastri

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