Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Jefferson Pass

3 miles with 700 feet elevation gain
Trail head

Target Practice


Someones target practice?

Someone was target practicing with this

Tiger Lilly

I found more Tetraplodon mnioides here

I heard that the best way to deal with goats was to rent a helicopter and drop mushrooms on them

Target practice items included a keyboard a picture of Osama and a Picture of MLK
How's that Discovery Pass working for you?
Found at Lena Lake

A nice cool breeze came out of this snowcave


MPB said...


It's Maxwell from FK. Looks like you are doing real well and I'm glad you leg isn't bothering you as much anymore! Keep up the good work!


Mossy Mom said...

Hi Max.. yep with an ankle brace I am back hiking. I heard a rumor that you are a teachers aid in fungal kingdom this year.. is that true?