Friday, March 9, 2012

New Spot

Spot has surprised me by sending me a new Spot messenger before I sent my old one back.  And my new spot messenger arrived activated so all I had to do was turn it on and it worked.   I only just mailed the old one in today.  I thought they would check to see if it was really defective then decide to charge me to repair it or to replace it as defective before they would send me a new one.  But no, they just sent me a new one and deactivated my old one.  It's a good business model, to do it this way and thus keep subscribers.

I see so many complaints about Spot on Amazon but the spot service people have always been very helpful when I called and all issues have been resolved quickly.   I'm very happy with my Spot, but I do consider it to be a bit of a toy.  It could be a lifesaving device but it could also malfunction, it's not a personal indicator beacon, it's more of a toy.   What I like about the Spot is that I can send messages to my spouse to let him know that I am OK when I am out later than expected.  I can also send a message to tell him what trail I am on if I have a change of plans such as when the trail head is closed due to logging or snow and I have to hike somewhere else.

Before I got the Spot I would have to search for a phone to let my spouse know my new location or to let him know that I was safe but just running a bit late.

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