Monday, October 20, 2008

dvr plate pictures of my bionic wrist

i bet those calluses will be gone before i can ride my bike again

Had my first post-op visit today. the splint is off, replaced with a bright orange fore arm cast for Halloween. cast will stay on for 3 weeks, much more comfortable then giant splint that bruised the back of my hand. stitches were taken out about 5-8 stitches on the out side. sprained left wrist is healing slowly, typing one fingered with left middle finger.

Went to lake sylvia state park , had a beautiful 2 mile stroll around the lake. hubby promised to drive me to a matsutake hunting spot next week. found 3 chantereles at sylvia.

bummed that i will miss king bolete hunting, have to do it at the crack of dawn to beat the crowds and hubby will not get up that early.

my unbroken left wrist

broken lunate fossa with volar displacement, see how wide the gap is?

10 days post-op dvr plate

dvr plate

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