Friday, October 17, 2008

distal radius fracture

a lot of time on my hands to research my injury.  this is my ER x-ray showing a barton or die punch fracture of the distal radius oi my right arm.  i am right handed.   my left wrist is also sprained, doing any thing is difficult.

i have a long splint on my right arm that imobilizes my wrist and elbow.  i can move my fingers but i am not supposed to use them.   i'm not getting much help from anyone, my house is getting messy, i had to get my hair cut off and i don't eat until 3pm when my 11 year old gets home from school but the percodan keeps me from getting too hungry.  highlight of today was getting my fingernails trimmed.   i am weaning if the pain pills but that means the mania symptoms are coming back.  life is pretty shitty at the moment..  speaking of the toilet is clogged and the dryer is broken.  since i am the only one who does much work in my houshold they won't get fixed any time soon.  i'm pretty upset at the lack of help i am getting, but i am getting better.

post surgical pain was very bad just like i remembered my ankle surgery to be. only having a baby hurts worse.   i took my bike to the shop and got it worked on before i realized how hurt i was.  still family came first so i rode my bike with a broken wrist to where i was supposed to meet my husband to get my daughter.  when he did not show i hads a passerby lock up my bike and i walked to the campus healthcare center.

they said that i needed to go to the er so my husband picked up me and both kids and dumped us at the er and he returned to work.  dumped at the er with two kids and a broken arm, my care has not improved much since then.

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