Monday, February 4, 2008

Northwest Loggers net

That might be a better name for it. I called a timber industry shill a timber industry shill. The truth hurts. Do you know how the old growth logging in this region was stopped? It was stopped by people in the Mid-west. The timber interests here in the Northwest were too entrenched in the system for change to ever occur. Some things have not changed, local shills abound. The neocons have been trained to have the loudest mouths to drown everyone else out.

I'm not well enough to hike this week but I'm not too upset about it because I know that I am still in good shape after going up South Mountain last week.

I have a lot of reading to do for my class and I'm starting to feel a bit overwhelmed, being ill did not help. I'm learning a lot, it's not science but it might help me to learn how to protect what is left of our forests.

Last quarter I took a class that may as well have been called "How to Log the Northwest Temperate Rainforests” so now I can speak the language of the enemy anyway.

Back to my reading.

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