Friday, January 11, 2008

Skok and stuck in the snow

The Trail Head

I tried to drive into Brown's Creek Campground today but my differential was bottoming out in the snow. I don't know if its a good idea to use a differential for a snow plow so I backed out. Then I got pretty stuck, could not go forward or backwards on the hill going out. Eventually I got out by putting a blanket behind one of my back tires. I was never really worried about getting stuck though. Now I know the limits of my snow tires anyway.

I hiked a little way down the Skok trail today. I only logged 4 miles but my legs are sore. Snowshoeing really takes it out of me. I used the flotation tails and my snowshoes worked a lot better but the tails made me very ungainly. I think I want different snowshoes. Mine are MSR Denali's with the longest (8 inch?) flotation tail.

I started at the main trail head and then hiked out to the road and then back to teh trail on the 120 access road when I returned to the trail I hiked about 1/2 mile down stream and had lunch before turning around. Than I hiked all the way out to the main trail head on the Le bar trail and the road. I wanted to do the 1 mile long Brown Creek Nature trail when I was done but it was not to be!

Track Log 3.9 miles

The turn around on the 120 access trail head

My tracks on the 120 road with flotation tails on

Sunshine on a winter day

A formidable barrier on the 120 trail

Snow at Sea Level too

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