Thursday, January 10, 2008

College, SAR and Hiking

I might be able to hike tomorrow but it will be a short hike. I have to be back in Olympia before 5:30 and I can't even start my hike until I pick up my Jeep from the Mechanics. But I can not pick up my Jeep until I go get some cash. I have a great mechanic who gives discounts for cash payments.

I start search and rescue (SAR) training on Saturday so I can't hike on Saturday. My husband will watch the kids while I am at SAR training and there is no way my husband will agree to babysit both Saturday and Sunday so hiking on the weekend is out.

College has started up again so hiking during the week is mostly out of the question.

I think this quarter is going to be better. The prof is good and my fellow students are people who want to work to make the world a better place. Last quarter I had an inexperienced prof and some of the students were too competitive.

I was dreading the start of the quarter but now I'm happy to be back. I won't have to do as much difficult work this quarter. I have to read about 300 pages a day and keep a journal to prove that I read the stuff. Easy as can be when compared to the nightmare statistics assignments I had last quarter or spending all day in the field with bossy snot nosed drug abusers.

I am studying politics and power in America and I think politics is what Evergreen excels at. Well liberal politics anyway.

Snow is very deep even at 1000 feet right now so where ever I go I know I will be using my shoes.

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