Sunday, December 30, 2007

Snow Tires are Good! LSF SKOK

Today I got to test out my new snow tires and I'm pleased. I never would have tried to drive in this much snow with out them.

There was about 16 inches of snow at the trail head and I did a lot of post holing. I only made it 5 miles round trip but my legs feel sore. When I stopped to decide if I was too cold and needed to turn around a tree lobbed an ice ball at my head. That made up my mind. Before I turned around I was sinking up to the top of my thighs in the snow. This was only when I had to go off trail to avoid trees. Alder trees bent over the trail formed impenetrable barriers in several places.

The weather changed from sunny and bright to dreary and gray several times. The snow on the ground was melting but snow was still falling from the sky. That always makes for a cold wet hike.

My feet and hands got very cold but I was prepared with dry socks and an extra pair of dry gloves. I changed into my dry gear during my brief lunch break. My new Seattle Sombrero worked well. It is size large and has a very wide brim; the brim really keeps the rain off. It's not an actual "Seattle" it's actually a "Nimbus". The Seattle is gortex and costs more. I got my Nimbus on sale for $17.00.

I tried to melt snow for my tea but it was a mistake, the water never boiled and I got really cold waiting for it. I'm going to switch to a different cook set and stove for the winter. My Heineken can pot and stove are great in the summer.

I've not totally recovered from my intestinal bug but I'm almost there. My entire family has been quite sick over Christmas Break.

On my drive out I saw dozens of people enjoying the snow. A lot of families had
Parked on the side of the road and built toasty campfires. The adults stood or sat around the fires while the kids went sledding. I want to try that some time.

The clear-cut where I did my research project has turned into a sledding hill.

5 Miles RT with 283 feet elevation gain.

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