Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Logging and Mass Wasting

Mudslide photo spurs look at logging practices

This was a slide-prone drainage. But a Weyerhaeuser geologist found "no potentially unstable areas" in the area to be harvested and the state approved the logging.

Well if Weyerhaeuser's own Geologist said it is was safe for Weyerhaeuser to log here he must have been telling the truth right?

OSU School of Forestry Logging Oops!

The College of Forestry's land where the initial slides began is known as the Blodgett Tract because the Blodgett Timber Co. donated it to the college in 1929 for research into reforestation. It's now managed for intensive timber production that generates revenue for the college, according to OSU's plan for the acreage.

I like how intensive logging is passed off as "reasearch into reforestation"
I'm not surprised at this twisting of words and meaning though.

Stewartship contract is another word for logging. ONF will log 69 acres in the name of stewardship and use the money to close .6 of mile of a logging road but most of the money will to pay for "pre-commercial thinning" of 120 acres. The remaining trees will grow faster and the "thinned trees" can be sold to the new bio-disiel plant in Aberdeen.

Did overlogging contribute to floods?

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