Monday, November 19, 2007

Fun with stats

I've been learning how to use Excel to make graphs and do statistics this quarter. So far this year I have gone on 31 day hikes and on my dayhikes I have hiked 282 miles and climbed 67,454 feet. My Average dayhike was 9.1 miles with
2175 feet elevation gain.

I'm not done yet, there is still over a month left this year. I have also hiked 32 miles on a backpacking trip this year and I've gone on several 1-2 miles hikes with my family. No wonder I go through so many shoes!

The R Squared Value is .016 showing there is no relationship between the length of my hikes
in miles and the elevation gain in feet.

Looking at the chart the dot that shows the highest elevation gain represents my hike up to Camp Muir. The dot that show the highest combined mileage and elevation gain represents Mount Jupiter.

My hikes on Rialto Beach and Dungeness spit were of the lowest elevation gain.
My hikes to Camp Muir, Lake of Angels and Mount Jupiter had the highest elevation gains.

Just a fun little bar graph.

This shows that Mount Ellinor is the steepest in terms of elevation gain in feet per mile and Rialto Beach was the least steep. This graph reflects elevation change from trail head to end of hike and does not take into account ups and downs in the trail.

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