Friday, February 16, 2018

Winter Dumpster Diving on Green Mountain and Kamilchee Ridge, Nearly Sprayed by Green Diamond Helicopter

  Took a couple of dumpster dive hikes this week.  A dumpster dive is a hike that is not very pretty but is close to home.  Dumpster dive hikes are normally on state or privately owned tree farms.

My first dumpster dive hike was up the gold creek and plummber trials to the top of green mountain.  I was in Belfair anyway and near my daughter's home so I invited her to join me.  This trail was okay before the logged the upper portion a year or two ago.  Such a shame that they decided to log what is probably the most popular trail in Kitsap County.

5 miles with 1,000 feet elevation gain

Smog hovering over Seattle

The Brothers

Olympic Pano

Dumpster dive trail

My next dumpster dive was up Kamilchee ridge, but I started from Taylor town this time.  I had a good hike until Greed Diamond arrived with a helicopter spraying chemicals.  Now I need to go on another hike just to recover.

When I saw what was happening I called the main office let them know I was there and my route out and that I was leaving as quickly as I could. I did not want to get doused in chemicals. They stayed away from me with their spray pattern, but that was probably just coincidental.

A Green Diamond pick up truck came down and road and I stopped the guy driving it and asked them not to spray directly on top of me. He went straight to the defense and was a total ass. It's not like I asked them to stop spraying, I just asked that they not spray me. Rather than reassure me, the man from Green Diamond told me a pack of lies and then drove away.

He could have reassured me, he could have even offered me a ride out of there. Instead he lied and claimed I needed a permit to be there, I did not. Then he claimed that I have to call Green Diamond before I hike, also not true. This was very scary. Signs should have been posted ahead of time warning that the area was to be sprayed. The man in the truck needs to work on his people skills.

As if I needed another reason to hate Greed Diamond.  Greed Diamond is Simpson repackaged.  The same people own both companies.  Simpson cut all the trees and then left town, but they still own industrial tree farms in the area under the new name of Greed Diamond.

I had planned on hiking up the Dosewallips that morning so I did not pack any water.  I did have a water filter with me but not the good one that filters out chemicals.  I tried to find a clean stream to get some water to filter.  One stream had strange looking sediment so I passed it up.  Good thing I passed it up as the source of the stream turned out to be a vile green pond in a gravel pit.  So gross.

This hike was 7.7 miles with 1,100 feet of elevation gain

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