Sunday, August 27, 2017

Snow Lake for Four

Went  to Snow Lake with Sage and the girls.  The road out was rough, so took my daughter’s car.  Had no trouble finding the start and the trail was easy to stay on.  There seems to have been a lot of maintenance on this trail since the culvert on Elk Creek was fixed and the road was reopened.

There were more trashy fire pits than usual.  Really fishermen can’t you just stick to one nasty trashy fire pit instead of making new ones all around the lake?  There were bits of foil in every nasty trashy fire pit.  Presumably fisherman had been murdering fish and then baking them in foil.  Too lazy to pack all the foil out after doing such a hard hike.

We had a nice swim in the lake.  We all kept our shoes on to avoid stepping on fish hooks or glass bottles or whatever else fishermen might have brought up there and left. 

Springer Spaniels are known for their love of water and swimming.  Sage needs to turn in her Springer Spaniel card. While we were swimming Sage went way up into the bushes and hid while just poking her head out to watch us. It was like she was afraid to swim and just wanted to hang out by our backpacks and the food that might have been in them.

Such a beautiful little lake and nearly always private, but hard to access six months out of the year and a pretty tough hike up a fisherman’s way trail. 

There were a few blueberries at the lake but not as many as I remember and many of them were sour.  We found more berries on the roadside than up at the lake. 

Overall a really fun day with the girls.

The Causeway Crowd

The Party Rock Zoo

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