Sunday, December 4, 2016

Pokemon hunting in Seattle

The Hyak!!!!   My ride to Bremerton.  My favorite ferry of all, picked when I was just a child,
so happy to see it still running.

Bremerton Shipyard where I was born.  Bremerton is full of ghosts for me.
My mother lived there most of her life and she died recently and my both
of my  grandparents ashes are in this bay.  We tossed their ashes off of the Carlise II foot ferry
that Grandma used to work on and where my grandparents met.  My family used to own the foot ferries 

Ghosts on the ferry

I always have this coffee on the ferry.

More ghosts

I always have this coffee on the ferry.

A picture worth framing

I do enjoy all the interesting lights and shapes to photo on the ferry

coming into Seattle

  We were getting low on Vina Cafe so it was time to make a trip to Seattle.  To get to Seattle from here, one does not need a car.  I started my day by getting on the 8:05 bus to Bremerton and then taking the ferry to Seattle.

I can't play Pokemon on the ferry because it runs faster than 25 MPH.  What a shame.

Once in Seattle I wandered around downtown hunting for Pokemon and spinning pokestops until my legs were tired.  Then I hopped on the Monorail to Seattle center just for fun.  I found that Seattle Center had some great Pokemon and I enjoyed the Monorail trip.

coming into Seattle Center on the Monorail

Seattle Center monorail station

Seattle Library

Seattle Library
After about an hour at Seattle Center I took the monorail back downtown.  From West lake center I walked to King Street in China town and had my favorite lunch of Takoyaki and a can of coke while I did a lucky egg evolve mass evolve session in Pokemon.  Pokemon was having a double XP event and I was taking full advantage of it getting quadruple XP by using a lucky egg at the same time.

I managed to make my goal and reach trainer level 33.

Next I walked up to my favorite store just East of the free way and loaded up on Vina Cafe, Mochi balls and coffee candies.  Next I walked back down to the waterfront and sat by the great wheel until it was time to take my ferry home.

China town in the evening sweet light

Took the 5:30 ferry back to Bremerton.  I refuse to stand in the glass tube that they force passengers into while the do the post 9-11 hysterical security check of the boat.  I remember when foot passengers started getting on the second the boat was unloaded.  In my opinion that horrible glass tube they they cram everyone into is disaster waiting to happen, that is where a terrorist could really strike and hurt a lot of people.  I'm always one of the last people to go into the terrible tube.

My Vina Cafe source
There are aways few fellow PTSD sufferers who seem to agree and also refuse to cram into the tube until the last possible minute.

According to Pokemon I walked 16 Kilometers in Seattle.  That's about ten miles.  I have walked over 1000 kilometers playing Pokemon so far.  I have not counted any of my Pokemon miles in my hiking totals.

I'm a bit under the weather now and did not make it out to hike at all this week.  Next week I might get to do some snow hiking.  For now I hope you enjoy seeing some of my street photography.

Headed back to the ferry

More fun with shapes and lights on the ferry

I preferred to sit outside in the dark.

Pulling into Bummertown, land of  Birth, death Chaos and Confusion

Bus back to the soggy ass backwards land that time forgot via Belfair

Racist redneck who always tries to offer advice to the young women on the bus.  He
really pissed me off on a different trip when he kept trying to talk to my daughter while ignoring me.
My daughter was 12 and the time, but he thought she was  college student.

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