Monday, January 11, 2016

Haven Lake

Haven Lake

A gate is closed preventing access to South Mountain. The road is also red dotted.  So we went to Haven Lake instead.

 did not have my gps as I was planning on a straight forward hike up South.  I found the lake just fine without my gps and on a slightly different route than usual.

I could see a lot of people down on the Vance Creek Bridge.  I'm glad that I got to see the bridge before it was popularized on the Internet by folks who are out to make a buck.

There was shallow crusty snow for most of the route.

We saw bobcat tracks and Patches ate a lot of bob cat poop.  She refused to eat the dry dog food I packed for her. She much preferred to eat wildcat poop.

6 miles with 450 feet elevation gain

It would have been under six but I did some backtracking after I found my hiking partner who was hiking in as I was hiking out.

Bob cat tracks
The days are getting longer and we made it out before dark

Fog covers half of the Skokomish Valley

The Vance Creek Bridge was crowded

Phil brought his ultralight stove

I found a shelf fungus to set my coffee cup on

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