Sunday, October 18, 2015

Totem Lake

I've been busy cleaning my mother's condo.  I've not thrown away anything that was not junk.  I'm just cleaning and organizing stuff.  I took one load of too good to toss stuff to Value Village and then I sobbed.  Next week I may go back and shampoo the carpet.  I'm taking my time cleaning up, there is no hurry, probate takes forever.

While I'm there I am exploring.  I used to go exploring when I would stay there with my mother.  But it was only on this trip that I found the Cross Kirkland trail.  The trail looks like it might be new.  I don't much like walking in the Totem Lake area as the exhaust fumes are too much for me.  I never liked the level of exhaust fumes there and now, I'm cleaning those fumes from my my mother's condo.  They gather on every ledge, it's not normal dust.  It's weird pollution dust mixed with cigarette smoke.

2.5 miles with maybe 50 feet elevation gain.

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