Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Big Creek to Lower Ellinor

I wanted to get up high into the old growth fast, so I started and the highest access point that is still on a paved road.  This access point enters the trail system just before the obscenely named "Dick's Rock".  Okay maybe it's not meant to be obscene, maybe it's just my mind in the gutter.

 I had to laugh when one couple claimed to climb Mount Ellinor from Big Creek, but omitted the fact that they took the same short cut rather than starting at the Big Creek trail head.  I was on the trail the same day and time and I never saw their car, so I knew better.  They fessed up with a bit of prodding.  Then they went on to post a track log to a secret spot that has the entire Mount Rose trail crew pissed off at them.

Anyway, I started my hike at about 9am.  The hike was uneventful other than the fall colors.   I hiked up to just past the benches on the lower trail that are near a big rock that is covered with Lobaria linata.  I was mostly off trail for the trip back to the connector trail and my body is letting me know about that today.

I like to wander just off the trails.  One only needs to go a few feet off the trails to discover interesting and sometimes secret things.

I had my lunch back down at the overlook.  My hike out was bit slow due to my finding lots of things that like to grow in the fall.  I was lucky and I did not get rained on at all.  The weather forecast made it seem like there was a very good chance of rain.

6 miles with 2,300 feet elevation gain and a fair amount of off trail wandering.


Trail head

Chanterelles right next to the Staircase Ranger Station

Lower Ellinor trail

Deformed mushroom, maybe with a hypomyces infection

Salt and Pepper Russula, poison

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