Saturday, April 18, 2015

Fir Lake and a secret trail

I was a bit under the weather for a week and then Aunt Flo decided to visit, so have not done much hiking this month.  Home life has been stressful since my spouse is very ill.

Back to Fir lake for some solitude before the start of hiking season.  There were a couple of cars parked on the road.  Now I know who is stealing firewood and how they are getting away with it.    Someone with the job of driving a grader needs to steal firewood to make ends meet?

The hike was uneventful other than a few new bryophyte finds I made.  I found Plagiochila and a couple of unknowns.  The unknowns are waiting in the fridge until I have the energy to ID them.

On the way back I decided to try to figure out where the occupants of the second parked car had gone.  Patches led the way.  She found their trail instantly. I followed her and together we discovered a secret trail.  Good dog!  The trail used to be signposted, so it was not always a secret trail.

The trail leads to a big river where I found the remains of a trailer.  Very strange, as this was well upriver of any human habitation. I also found a chair.  I’m going to take my daughter there on an overnight trip the next chance I get to sneak out of the house.  It’s an interesting area and it always makes me happy to find a new old secret trail.

10.5 miles with 1,100 feet elevation gain.

Devils club budding

Massive erosion

Uknown liverwort that I will ID later

on the "secret trail"

"secret" trail

Canis domesticus

Pellia liverwort with sporophytes

Plagiochila porelloides(?) liverwort

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