Thursday, October 16, 2014

Mount Ellinor from the Upper Trail

It's probably been three years since I have gone all the way up Ellinor and maybe 8 years since I did it from the upper trail head, not counting the time I did it in the dark.  Ellinor is too crowded for my liking.  I figured that it might not be too bad on a weekday in October with rain in the forecast.  I only saw three other parties on the mountain, so the crowds were almost tolerable.  One woman was taking pictures by setting her tablet in the middle of the trail and she took a long time doing it, I finally had to ask her to stop so I could walk by.  Mount Ellinor attracts many atypical hikers.

There was no view at the top, but I got a good work out.  There were no mushrooms other than some bears heads that I knew I would not be able to reach.  It took me about an hour and 45 mintues to make the climb.  I believe that this was the first time that Patches has been on the summit of Ellinor, not counting the time I went up it in the dark.  It's normally too crowded  for dogs on Ellinor.

3 miles RT with 2,400 feet elevation gain

Too high to reach

Tea time

Looking back down to my red truck

Patches and my hand made day pack on the top 

track and elevation profile

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