Saturday, July 6, 2013

Snow Lake 2

I decided to show Snow Lake to a friend before the bugs hatch.  This time we went in a vehicle with only 300,000 miles on it.

We started at about 11:30.  I was tired from my last hike.  Only when I started this hike did I realize how much the last hike took out of me.   I’m also suffering from a sinus infection but am feeling much better with antibiotics.

The trip up the road was uneventful.  At the start of the trail we met Tim from Union, he had been to the lake several times and from the Lebar side as well!

The hike up was steep and slow.  The lake was beautiful but it was chilly on the shore!  My friend fished and he hooked two trout but he lost them both.  It might have been nice to take a mercury filled fish home for dinner.  I got cold on the lake shore and wished I had packed some insulating layers.


The hike down was slower than the hike up with my friend suffering from a trekking pole failure.  I did not mind the slower hike down but being out for so long made me sleepy.  At least I had lots of time to take pictures.

When we got back down to the road the real work for Patches began.  She had to run behind our bike as we coasted downhill.  Poor Patches, I wish I had a way for her to ride on my back rack.  I took it slow and easy because I was afraid of giving her a heart attack.  Patches made it out ok but she is moving slow today.

13 miles with 2,800 feet elevation gain about 3.5 miles hiking or pushing bikes
Bike and pack

Bike and pack and hot dog

Hookeria luscens moss

Lake is just behind this rock

Where there is Snakeskin there is always Pellia, it's just a matter of looking for it

I have not ID'ed this yet.. I think it's a cortnarious

third time I have found a Mylar baloon in the "backcountry"


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