Saturday, January 10, 2009

Another Rain on Snow Event

Ecorover added a comment asking if we could send all our lowland snow over their way to the Rockies to which I answered:

We just sent it all to the Ocean and all at once so now we have major flooding. I'm sorry we can't send it East. Another rain on snow event! Is this going to happen every year now? I live a few blocks from a river but my home is not in a 100 year flood plain. My home is considered to be safe from flooding but still I worry because I am in a valley and near a river.

I wanted to hike today but I have a sinus infection that is getting better with treatment but is still dragging me down. I was all packed to hike but just did not feel up to it. It would have been interesting to see all the new storm damage.

Future Prediction

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