Thursday, August 7, 2008

Not this week

My husband has a chore to do in Olypmia he should have done it weeks ago, he keep procrastinating. He won't decide when he will do it so I can't know what day I can hike. Been going on for weeks now. Just like when I can't use the wasing machine becuase he is going to do his laundery (I make the lazy bastard do his own washing) but he never does get around to doing his laundry so the effect is I just can't use the washing machine that week. Well this week I can't hike because he won't decide what days he needs to be free of the kids. This is frustrating for me because it seems like his chore has caused a big burden for me simply because he won't get off his lazy arse and do it.

I've ridden my bicycle about 40 miles this week so I am getting some exercise. One night I brought my GPS and I was really surpirsed to see that I rode my bike 18 miles in one night. Biking is much easier then hiking. I might start going for bike rides down logging roads so I can reach more trail heads in the winter when the gates are closed.

In 48 hours I only slept for 3 hours but last night I finally slept for 11 hours so I'm pretty well rested today but still suffering a bit from my sleep deficit.

Now I am trying to decide what to do with my day. Maybe my husband went on his chore, maybe he took our tot or maybe he just left her with out telling me that I should be watching her. That is one of his favorite tricks, I seem to be the default child care giver and he never bothers to tell me if he is leaving, just expects me to be watching them at all times. I better go find out what is going on.

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