Sunday, October 7, 2007

The USFS plans to close the road to Staircase 11/1/07

Well damn! I just read this on the ONP website "The USFS plans to close the road to Staircase 11/1/07." I hope they just mean the gate at staircase but I think they mean the entire length of the road along Cushman, that would make all the trails there (Wagonwheel, Mount Rose, Dry Creek, Copper Creek, North Fork Skok, Shady Lane) unreachable again this winter. This means there will be almost nothing nearby for me to hike again this winter.. :(

Looks like I'll be hiking big creek campground or the lower south fork skok over and over again all winter long. I'm really disappointed. I bet all the homeowners up there are upset too.

It's going to be another long winter.


peter said...

any idea what mushroom is captioned by lion?

is it russula fragilis?


captions under mushrooms somewhat confusing--to be frank i do not understand them

Norm said...

That Bears head looks like Goats Beard according to my info?