Friday, May 25, 2012

Bryophyte from Prospector's Ridge Ptilidium californicum

 Ptilidium californicum
This was good to find.. only one specimin is known in the state and it was found in 1927

I'm not surprised that it's Basionym is: Lepidozia californica Austin       

This looks to be a Lepidozia, but it's large for a reptans and it's brownish rather than bright green. This was at 3,800 feet growing on the top of the base of a pistol butted Mountain Hemlock. Leaf cells are about 15um, leaves are about 1mm long depending on where you measure. Stem is about 2.5mm wide. Spores are 25-30um, round and worty.

Elators and spores

microscopic movie leaf detail

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